It’s All Black & White Thursday Vol. 5

It’s All Black & White Thursday Vol.5

Camera: Canon EOS 5D MarkIII
Folder Dated: 23rd August 2013…

There is always a risk when going through old folders full of photos, you just don’t know what kind of memory from the past you are going to be confronted with. I’m the sort who likes to delete any and if possible all traces of the past when I move on from either a relationship or a friendship…

The thing with photography is, it is so vast. It’s practically becoming a life time hobby, I got a taste of it when back in high school and yes, the days were everything was still being developed on film. I learnt all the dark room stuff and seeing the way the image appear onto the photo paper by a chemical reaction, I knew it was going to be an interest of mine. People have often asked me why haven’t I turned into a professional photographer? Why aren’t you shooting weddings etc. etc. 

I’ll tell you why, I’ve always been too scared of success and I have never been able to overcome a lot of fears when it comes to dealing with people. And so, it remains as a hobby that continues to surprise. I’m always learning something new and I can spend hours just simply looking at old cameras, viewing other peoples photos and reading up anything and everything photography.
Most of my photography is self taught.
One day I came across mainly landscape photos where water is the main subject. Only to see the water looking like a silky smooth blur and some looked like it was smoke. Clouds frozen in motion blur adding a rather dramatic effect. This got me curious. How on earth where they doing these? 
Thanks for a quick google search…I learned about ND Filters. Neutral Density filters that come in various levels. And that’s when I discovered how to do day time long exposure! Like any new discovery I threw myself into it.
I originally like these in colour, but converting them into black and white drastically changed the mood.
I’m reminded of my isolation and loneliness…

…even when I was in a relationship at the time these were taken.

It was cold and windy that day.

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