It's All Black & White

It’s All Black & White Thursday Vol.3

Welcome to vol. 3 of It’s All Black & White Thursday!

Shot on: 35mm Kodak T-Max 400
Camera: Zenit 11 Lens: Pentacon 50mm
Stand developed with Adox Adanol for 1hr
April 2017

Ok, I have a confession. It’s actually be quite a long time now since I’ve developed black and white film at home. Looking back on these photos below has made he realise how much I’ve missed doing so. Plus it was also the first time I used my Zenit 11 a camera body I found in a vintage shop (Prahran Bazaar)  and it is quite a solid piece of body.  Which is probably also why I haven’t bothered to carry it around with me anywhere due to it’s weight. I was attracted to the camera when I saw it takes M42 lenses, which I already have two of! I also discovered that it’s the only one in my camera collection that has a working self timer.

The below are from a roll of my first self portraits (not posted) on 35mm film as well as my first 35mm roll developed at home (I’ve only developed 120mm, medium format film), getting the canister open in complete darkness – well in my case a change bag posed as a challenge for me and so, I never bothered before.

But I had a few rolls of expired Kodak TMax 400 just sitting there (expired film is always heavily discounted, so I always make sure to grab some whenever I can) and thought I should really use it.

The result is wonderful dark contrast images:

Thanks for stopping by!


See you again next week: Just Quietly On A Leica Mini & It’s All Black and White Thursday Vol. 4.



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