It's All Black & White

It’s All Black & White Thursday Vol. 2

Here we are!  Vol. 2

Shot on: 120mm Fujifilm Neopan Acros 100
Camera:Agfa Isolette
Stand developed with Adox Adanol for 1hr
April 2017


This Agfa Isolette is my most quirky camera in my collection. I spotted this camera at Camden Markets, London, UK and comes with some surprising weird light leaks. I haven’t shot a lot with this camera (yet) and so I can’t really say a lot about it right now. I can say is what attracted to me to it was the fact it folds in, making it the most compact medium format camera to carry with you. Perhaps I will do a full review at some point? But properly, I know my first camera review about my Fujifilm x100F camera upgrade and even the follow-up review was pretty rushed.

I’m going to stop that and be more mindful when I come here to blog. I’ve gotten so use to just doing ‘bite size’ posts that we all seem to be doing these days on Instagram also known as micro blogging. I want to be at least somewhat informative when I talk about cameras, other subjects and the places we end up going for a wander in.

But there will be days where I know I won’t want to say too much and those will be the days I will let the photographs talk. Speaking of which, lets get on with the pics!

Please enjoy!


See you again soon!


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