Two Weeks-ish Later

I’ve been doing things a little differently this year with my blogging. Scheduling my posts and so this follow-up review on my Fujifilm x100F is not the exact two weeks later. But I did write this post two weeks later since I’ve had this beauty of a camera. It’s almost exactly only three weeks since I’ve had it.

There is another thing I have been doing differently as well…shooting…in…JPEG. Shock. Horror. What!? See, I am what you would call a ‘I shoot RAW’ kinda woman. I was taught to shoot in RAW when I did one year of photography studies many moons ago. The idea came about to shoot in a different film simulation each week the comes in the Fujifilm x100F; Velvia, Astia, Classic Chrome, Pro Neg. High & Standard and Acros.

Weeks beginning 19th of March – I chose Classic Chrome: ‘Soft colour and enhanced shadow contrast for a calm look.’ While it’s nice to be shooting in this mode, I do still do a little post work making my workflow even quicker! Especially with the Wifi transfer (once set up, it’s wonderful! Others complain it’s very slow) I have been able to have my photos available on my mobile phone instantly!

I use VSCO app on my phone or Lightroom CC to do my post edit and upload straight onto my main photo sharing platform, Instagram. It’s rather sickening how much faster my workflow has become. I no longer have to wait to upload my images to my external hard drive via a computer. Now, NOW all it is: Camera + Phone (sometimes + iPad) = That’s it.

Of course, I got too carried away and forgot to change the film simulation…never mind.

Unlike most people, I actually like having the ISO built into the Shutter Speed Dial, it saves me having to go into the menu and scrolling through to find it. But if you’re someone who likes to add a bit of grain to their photos, I usually put my ISO up nice and high and forget about it. Mine is currently on 1600.

I know the above images are pretty dark, I still make amateur photography mistakes. BUT! I also do like my photos moody-ish.
And finally, I got the chance to use this baby in (very early morning) low light and…

As you can see in the last three images it performs so damn well! I don’t think I will lug my monstrous DSLR camera out for a long time, possibly never again!

Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend and a Happy Easter to those who celebrate it.




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  1. Well, your images are just gorgeous. I especially love the diaphanous dresses in the shop window. Seems like an awesome little camera.

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