Burnt House Exploration

Throwback Thursday 26 August 2017

There is one thing about having a partner who is a street artist. They take you to places you wouldn’t think even existed. This house is another one of Melbourne’s best kept secrets. You have to ask the right people to find out where this is located. It houses (sorry for the pun) two amazing art works of street artist: R-O-N-E.

There is something unsettling when you explore an abandoned burnt house. Seeing the charred edges, things left as though exactly in there place and all I could wonder was, whomever lived there did they survive? Or did they perish in the fire…? Or maybe they were lucky and weren’t there when the house caught in flames…

I will never know. The house has been abandoned and left alone for many years by the looks of it. I’m surprised that it has been standing for so long, long enough to be able to go in and admire these two beautiful portraits:

And with the added texture of the decaying wall, really added an extra special element to the big paintings.

With any abandoned place, caution is advised. There was rubble everywhere, at one point it was clearly used as a place for drug users as injections could be found strewn all over the floor. What baffles me the most, is how can they leave the place untouched for so long?

It was definitely quite fun exploring a burnt house, something I didn’t think I would ever see myself doing.

Who is R-O-N-E? Click here.

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