A Magical Forest

“Escape and breathe
the air
new places.”

Quite possibly one of the “best kept secrets” in Melbourne is this beautiful and rather magical Californian Redwood Forest (Cement Creek) tucked away just a few kilometres from Warburton, Melbourne Vic. Depending on where you live, it took us a good two hours drive to get there.

Long drives for an adventure are always worth it though.

And the moment you step into these magnificent trees you feel an immediate sense of calm. Then take in a nice long deep breath and fill your lungs up with the lovely scent of pine, earth and tree filtered air.

It really does feel like you step into another world, making this place somewhere to escape to whenever you feel like having a small break from the hectic city living.

These trees were planted back in 1960/63,  55 years ago and currently reach up to about 55 meters. They can grow to as high as 116 meters! They were planted as an experiment, but I’m not going to go into detail. I have provided link at the end of the post for further reading about them.

After wandering about the trees grid formation, you can take a short stroll down to Cement Creek. Being only the start of Autumn, the creek was mainly a small rushing flow –  just enough to allow you to simply relax and listen to the soothing sounds of water.

“The clearest way into the Universe
is through a forest wilderness.”

I’ve been living in Melbourne for seventeen years now and since July 2017 I’ve travelled to more places locally I never thought existed. The place I call home has become a city that truly does keep on giving and I simply fall in love with Melbourne again and again…

Getting there is actually fairly easy all thanks to today’s modern maps now so accessible on our smartphones.
Be sure to stop off and have a causal wander down the Main Street of the tiny town Warburton, which is on the way to the forest. I have some photos of a couple of shops we browsed in, I will post them on a seperate post and link it from this post also.

Do you have a favourite hidden place you enjoy going to?


* Further Redwood Forest info here.

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