Introduction 4.0

Hello…(again and again)

The Dead Flowers Journal didn’t become a space I wanted to keep coming to and haven’t been back for a year now. However, it seems I always, always come back and in all honesty I thought I was done with writing/blogging.
Things shift, rearrange and sometimes you end up coming back to something that, perhaps you’re supposed to keep doing.

My absence was to do mostly with the fact that I wanted to stop sharing so much of my life online. Like many, I use to be a social media addict. It was a thrill to be able to share anything and everything about my life for the big World Wide Web to see.

Even the most mundane things
HAD to be shared in a status update.

Then came the phase where I realised I was able to voice all my opinions without as so much caring what kind of reaction it got from those who didn’t know me very well. Hey, I am someone who speaks their mind, the truth and I forget there are those who simply cannot handle being confronted with at times, fatal honesty.

As a result, I silenced myself.

Quite possibly one of the hardest mind reprogramming to do for someone like me. You see, I had always believed that by speaking the truth and sharing it to the world was a way of helping others. The lost ones, the heartbroken ones, the ones considered weird and I especially wanted to set an example for society that you do not have to conform to in how everyone else lives…but…

No. One. Likes. That.

So I have withdrawn. Limited posting my personal life on my social media platforms (only IG & FB – I use to have way more).
My mouth is sealed. My opinions locked tightly within…After all, there is wisdom in silence.
But! I am back yet again with my new (old) Alter Ego name Isabella Jupiter. There is some comfort in being a little anonymous and mostly because I have missed blogging.

Content here won’t be as intense/as personal like it was in 2016, I have no goal as to what this blog is going to turn out to be and most importantly, it’s not going to be a place where I give advise on how to live your life. And I certainly have no idea what I will be posting. It’ll be mainly photos and painfully grammatically incorrect writing!

So hello, (again and again) from the ever changing blog name.
Thank you so much for sticking around!


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  1. There is a real pressure to share everything. Pressure from the social media companies and ourselves. There is power in keeping things private, too. Welcome back, dear one. 💜

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